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Official Review Of “Art of Approaching” Dating Course eBook By Joseph Matthews



This is an official review of the dating/flirting ebook course “Art of Approaching”, this review is unbiased and I really did buy the ebook and everything that it comes with.  In this review I will discuss what comes with the “Art of Approaching” Course, including the Art of Approaching PDF (over 100 pages), the numerous PDF files that focus on very specific flirting topics, the videos that come with the course, as well as the MP3 clips that help with understanding flirting concepts, techniques, dating tips, as well as tips that relate to attracting women and getting a women phone number.  With that being said, this is what you can expect to get out of the Dating Course “Art of Approaching” by Joseph Matthews.

Review of “Art of Approaching” by Joseph Matthews

The Art of approaching by Joseph Matthews is an ebook that aim to help men understand women better and become more successful when it comes to Learning How To Meet women and talk to beautiful women with ease.  There are plenty of useful flirting techniques and routines that are discussed throughout the long ebook, which is around 340 pages.  The techniques that are discussed were tested in bars, in libraries, in the general public, on college girls, and on girls that already have boyfriends and the ebook goes into great detail as to why those techniques worked so well.  Some of the techniques show you how to seem like the most interesting guy through a girls eyes, some show you what makes a girl attracted to a guy, how to fulfill her fantasy without making her feel like a slut, how to approach a girl you don’t know at all, how to make a girl realize that her relationship isn’t as interesting as she though it was and make yourself seem like the real prize winner.  How to be an alpha male, how to build up confidence to talk to women without getting nervous and so much more is discussed throughout the ebook.

In addition to the “Art of Approaching Ebook”,  the author also supplies you with a huge amount of other resources that help you to be more successful with meeting women, flirting with women, dating women and hooking up with women.  I literally bought and downloaded this course myself, so I know whats in it and let me tell you there is a lot of information, both in the form of PDF’s, MP3’s and videos to help demonstrate certain routines or simply for explaining certain theories and techniques in greater detail.  Many of the PDF’s include solutions to very specific issues that you may run into when you approach  girl, for example if you approach a girl and she says she already has a boyfriend – there is a PDF that tells you exactly what to say so that you can still possibly convince her to give you a shot at pleasing her.

To prove to you that I have bought, read and downloaded the flirting ebook guide by Joseph Matthews, here are some of the PDF’s, MP3’s and Videos that you will have access to when you buy the Art of Approaching ebook.  Many of these PDF’s are long and full of detail as well, so just know there is a lot more to the ebook than just the primary 340 page PDF that is titled “The Art of Approaching”.

  • The Art of Approaching (340+ pages)
  • 3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Sex God
  • 28 Tips for Meeting The Women of Your Dreams
  • Anatomy of a Routine
  • Black Ops Package – 3 Steps to Success
  • Black Ops Package – The Panic Tactic, how to overcome panicking and get over being nervous when talking to women.
  • Black Ops Package – The Popularity Method, how to easily become the most popular person in a public environment.
  • Black Ops Package – How to become a Self Reliant Ladies Man
  • Black Ops Package – Unintimidation (how to keep from wussing out with women).
  • Black Ops Package – Women Are The Enemy (how to overcome conflicts or resistance from a woman when you are trying to create rapport with her.  How to avoid getting rejected and more.
  • If she has a boyfriend, how to make that not be an obstacle at all.
  • How to break out of the friend zone if a girl already considers you to be just a friend.
  • Joseph Matthews Secret Files – Notes and Observations from the field, in real life experiences of approaching and dating women.
  • MP3 – How to get Good With Women
  • MP3 – How to meet a girl with a good Advice Opener to start conversation.
  • MP3 – Attraction Secrets.  What really makes a woman attracted to a man.
  • MP3 – Body language Crash Course.  The type of body language you should be presenting when talking to women.
  • MP3 – Brain picking session – 1 hour interview about flirting and dating advice.
  • MP3 – How to start talking to a girl with compliment openers and how to use a compliment opener in the right way.
  • MP3 – Conversation secrets.  Secrets about creating conversations that last, that intrigue her and make her want to keep talking to you.
  • MP3 – Direct opener.  Sample MP3 with different types of direct openers that you can use to start talking to a girl and keep the conversation going.
  • MP3 – Great dating tips.  Great dating tips for men, and tips for guys that are trying to meet new girls.
  • MP3 – Joke Opener.  Examples of how to approach a girl with a joke opener and start a strong conversation with her.
  • MP3 – Opinion Opener.  Examples of how to start talking to a girl by asking for her opinion about something.
  • MP3 – Phone Tactics.  How to always have the perfect response when a calling or texting a girl, what to do and what you should never do.  Phone tactics that make her want to come see you soon.
  • MP3 – Secrets To Ending Approach Anxiety.
  • MP3 – Examples of Perfect Valentines Day Routines that work all the time.
  • MP3 – Things to think about and understand before you approach a girl.
  • Principles For Pick up Artists (PDF)
  • Seduction Made Easy – Easy to follow techniques and rules that make seducing a woman an easy task.
  • Video – Body Language
  • Video – Group Theory examples
  • Video – Strategic Thinking when talking to women and creating attraction.
  • Video – Strategic Thinking 2
  • Video – Strategic Thinking 3
  • Video – Victory.  How to consistently be successful at attracting women.
  • Weapons For The Weak – When all efforts have failed, here are some tricks for the average man to get ahead of the game when meeting women and attracting women.

As you can see, there is tons of information in the ebook.  I found that the PDF’s were really helpful, I recommend reading the initial “Art of Approaching” ebook first, you will find that it will cover almost every question you might have.  Then if you really want to go into great detail in regards to scenarios or obstacles you might run into, its a great idea to check out the other PDF’s, MP3’s and Videos.    I have purchased quite a few different dating and flirting guides when I was going to college and I can definitely say that this is by far the most thorough and useful flirting guide for men that you will find.  I give it a 10/10 for this Review On Art of Approaching By Joseph Matthews.

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