How To Attract Younger Women

This is a common question a lot of guys tend to ask, How do you attract younger women in your life?

The truth is that being older than the girl your attracted to is not really a  downside at all, and most girls don’t really care if your older than them.  The trick to attracting women is having the qualities that they are looking for, some of these qualities are how you present and carry yourself, your personality, your experience in life and your experience in bed, maturity and overall self awareness of knowing who you are as a person.  If you can convey these characteristics in an alpha male type of manner, you have a huge advantage over any younger guy out there.

There are a lot of guys out there that see age as a downfall or flaw, and trust me I used to be one of those guys.  But after experiencing what its like to be a few years older or 5 years older than the girl your interested in, I was surprised to see that it actually was something that worked to my advantage.  Women want a guy that they can confide in, someone they can talk to, someone that they can trust and someone that is mature.   Not just some young 19 year old college guy that takes them to a bunch of parties.  If you want a relationship with a  girl you like, you need to understand that a relationship goes much deeper than just taking girls to parties and having a good time.  They want a guy that they can feel comfortable with and have fun with even if your doing nothing at all, like for example hanging out together making dinner and watching Netflix.

Another thing that is worth taking not of is how a guy deals with responsibilities.  This can be a huge turn on for girls if they see you as a person that has their priorities straight.  In addition to being well put together in terms of responsibilities and composure, it would benefit you quite a bit if you focus on your strengths, and your passions in life.  Think of musicians, women and men look up to musicians when they hear them play a song, even if they don’t know their personality.  It’s because they possess a talent and it fascinates the human mind to see talent and passion work together to create something great.  Think about being at a concert or just listening to a song, what is the feeling you get when you hear that artist sing your favorite lyric or play your favorite part of a song on a guitar or a piano.  If your like me and many other people, you get a rush of endorphins and adrenaline and it inspires you.  Establishing a relationship is not much different.  When you can focus on your strong points and your passions and embrace them, women will see that as a a strength and it can really do wonders when it comes to attracting women that are younger than you.  The saying “just be yourself” carries a lot of merit and girls have a really sharp radar for someone that is pretending to be someone that they aren’t.

For other tips and dating advice that relates to what creates attraction between you and younger girls, I would suggest getting the ebook The Art Of Approaching Guide For Attracting Women, which also comes with some MP3 files that come with additional advice.


Using Tinder To Get a Date or Hook Up With Girls

Tinder is one of those new free dating apps that is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages.  I am in my early twenties and I can definitely say that it can be a lot of fun and it definitely keeps me busy.  I’ve even gotten quite a few girls from the app as well which actually surprised me when I first started using it.

If you aren’t familiar with Tinder, all you need to know is that it is a free app that you can download to your phone and you create a profile that shows your pictures and a basic bio that tells people a little bit about yourself.  You are able to use the setting to say what age group you are interested in, and also you are able to use those settings to say whether you are interested in men or women and based on those settings you will be able to find the people you are looking for.  Once you finish that part, all you have to do is go through peoples pictures and profiles that show up on the app and swipe left if you don’t want to talk to them and swipe right if you do want to talk to them.  If you both end up swiping right or liking each other, you have a match on Tinder, and its time to flirt with girls on Tinder! That means the next thing you need to do is send a message to the person and say hi.

Here are some Tinder Strategies that will help you get girls on Tinder and get dates or hook ups on Tinder.

  • Stay Consistent – This is one of the most important things that you can do to increase your chances of meeting up with girls on Tinder.  Its important to stay consistent and when you get a match with a girl you like, message her when you get the match because you know she is more likely to answer since she just recently matched with you.  She is most likely still next to her phone, so message her right away and say hi, and ask how she is doing or say something interesting that catches her attention.  This is how the conversation starts.
  • Build Rapport With The Girl – This is the difference between getting the girls number and hooking up with her, and not getting her number at all and never meeting up with her in person.  It’s important to build rapport with the girl that your talking to, learn about her, be a good listener, be consistent with conversation, and tell her some interesting things about yourself.  Once you do this, its time to move to the most exciting part, getting her phone number.
  • Getting Phone Numbers of Girls You Talk To On Tinder – Once you build rapport with the girl your talking to on Tinder, its time to ask her for her phone number.  You could do this in a bunch of different ways if she hasn’t already asked you for your phone number or simply gives you her phone number, you can ask for it straight out, or hint that you would like her number.  One of my personal favorites that works for me is telling the girl that “I don’t get on the app that often so I’m bad at answering messages on Tinder, but I would be a much better texted if we could just text message”.  Once you say that and she gives you her number, you have opened up a whole new door of conversation opportunity.
  • Continue Texting to Build Rapport – Continue texting to build rapport, and if things are going smoothly you might get a hint or a vibe from her that she wants to talk on the phone with you.  This is especially obvious if she is constantly texting you back and texting you to see what your doing even if your not texting her.  If this is the case, your doing a great job!
  • Build Sexual Tension – If conversation is going smoothly, you can build sexual tension by asking for pictures and sending pictures of yourself.  If you are doing this or start to send pictures to each other, its definitely a sign that you can talk on the phone if you aren’t doing it already.
  • Setup A Time and Place To Meet In Person – Tell the girl your talking to that you would like to meet her in person.  This can sometimes be challenging, especially if you are shy or if she is shy or hesitant, but be persistent and remember persistence beats resistance.  This has also worked for me on many occasions, just make sure you have a plan in place, tell her where and when your available and see if she is open to it.  If she does not want to go to your place the first time you meet, ask what would be okay with her.  If you manage to get her to your place, have a plan of some sort so that you have something to do, and set it up in a way that eventually you go to your room.  For me, I just have a movie ready to play when she gets to my house and usually movies are way too long when sexual tension is so strong.  So what happens, we end up kissing each other and getting playful and if all goes well, it eventually leads to sex.

How To Meet Hot Girls In College


This post is all about ways that you can meet hot girls In College or on college campuses.  As we all know, colleges and universities are some of the best places to meet girls that are also looking to meet guys to hook up with or date.  Many people in college are at that age where there hormones are raging, college students are at an age where there sex drive is at its peak – and thats why college is one of those places where your hear about “one night stands”, random hookups, and other instances like when 2 people end up making out even though they just met an hour ago.  College is a great place to meet people, but you have to put yourself in a position that is ideal for you to meet hot girls.  This means being open to new experiences, being adventurous, going outside your comfort level to meet new people, and staying active with social events and sporting events.  Here are some good ideas that you can consider using to meet hot girls at a college campus.  You can also check out this site for more advice on how to meet hot college girls, get a girls phone number and encourage sexual encounters.

The library – The campus library is a great place to meet girls, if you think about it everyone spends time at the library.  So when your doing some studying or walking by the library, stop by for a bit or walk around and see if you find any girls that you’d like to approach.  The best time to approach a girl in the library is when she is either leaving or just arriving, because of course it can be hard to have a good approach when she is in the middle of studying.  But even if the hot girl is studying, it doesn’t mean you can’t study at a table or desk next to her and if she looks your way just smile until you get time to approach.  If she smiles back at you, she is open to you approaching her.

Campus Starbucks or coffee shop – Everyone needs their coffee fix in the morning, if you’ve ever been to a starbucks or coffee shop on a college campus, you probably know that they are always busy and there are always a ton of girls getting their latte’s and other sweet coffee drinks that girls love.  If your waiting in line and there is a girl in front of you that you want to talk to, just talk to her.  If you have trouble thinking of something to say, wait until she orders and say something like “oh I’ve never tried that caramel macchiato, is it really sweet”?  You will also find that girls study at starbucks too, if there are tables around the area.  The trick is to make observations about the girl, like what she is studying, or what she ordered or what she is wearing and then find something to talk about based on that and then make it obvious that you are interested in her and ask her if she is single, if she has a boyfriend, if you could have a number or whatever it is that your intention is.

The Campus Gym – Okay this is my favorite spot to pick up girls, and I’ve had a lot of success with it especially when I was working out a lot and my muscles were a lot bigger.  Not all girls like to be approached in the gym while working out, but one of the best times to approach a girl at the gym is when she is leaving or when she is walking on her way to the gym.  A lot of people where headphones in the gym, so that can make it difficult.  But that doesn’t mean you  can’t make a good impression on her while working out, it might be a good idea to workout on a machine next to her and when you make eye contact just smile at her.  If you are working out next to her or even far away, don’t stare.  Staring will only create obstacles for you when you do decide to approach her and ask for her number.

In Class – Meeting girls in class is one of the easiest places to meet because you can easily interact with a hot girl under the radar.  For example, when you first walk into a class on the first day or first week of class, take a quick glimpse around the room to find the hottest girls in the room and sit next to one of them.  Chances are you might work on a group exercise together, or you will at least have to talk to each other when your in class.  I love doing this because one of the first things I do when I am sitting next to a hot girl in my class is ask her if she has an extra pen after class has started.  This gives me the chance to ask her name and tell her mine, I borrow a pen and it also gives me the chance to thank her after class and talk to her some more when class is over.

Sporting Events – Go to sporting events, meet girls when they are having the most fun and when you are doing something fun too.  Chances are they will want to join in on the fun too, and guess what there is like a 99% chance that she is with her other friends too.  This is a great way to meet a large group of girls, maybe go tailgating before a football game or basketball game and then have a good time, and as you get to know each other get her number or start working game on her to show that you are interested.  If she is smiling a lot or seems like she is being very conscious about the way she looks, then that is an indicator of interest.  Another great indicator of interest is when a girl makes good eye contact with you or when she is playing with her hair in front of you.

Dorm Activities – If you live in a dorm or a friend of yours does, thats great.  There are a lot of pizza parties, group activities and other food related activities that are always happening around the dorms.  This is a great opportunity to meet someone that lives close to you, and with that being said you already have something in common.  It’s also a great place to go outside of your social bubble and meet new people.

Just Walking around campus – Walking around a campus, skateboarding, or riding a bike around campus is a great way to really get around and get a large glimpse of just how many people are walking around at any time.  Wonder around campus, look well dressed and groomed and if you see a beautiful girl don’t be afraid to talk to her.  When I lived in California I did this all the time, sometimes I would even pretend I didn’t know where a building was and I would ask them “excuse me I just moved here, do you know where the biology building is”, you get the point, and if you know what your doing you’ll ask about a building that most people know about.  Sometimes they will even be willing to walk you there if you introduce yourself the right way and get their name too.  Once your off to that start, start a conversation and make small talk.  On another occasion, I did this and it was August 25th, my birthday.  The girl asked me what I was doing for the Friday night and I said its my birthday so I’m throwing a party, to my amazement, we had the same birthday and it was her birthday too – you can only imagine how perfectly that worked out.  She brought 3 of her other friends too so my friends were really happy about that too.  Needless to say, we both had a great birthday later that night.  After seeing how well that worked, I sometimes would tell girls that its my friends birthday tonight and we are throwing a party for him, and I would invite them to come.  This works like a charm as long as you can get the other guys with you to play along as if it really was their birthday.

On one occasion, the girl that I met that had the same birthday as me came over with her friend another time and I hooked up with both of them on the same night.  The one I met first got jealous though so I let her sleep in my bed and had the other girl sleep on the couch, even though we just hooked up.  After telling a more experienced friend about this, I realized I did something wrong – I could have had a threesome.  He told me in that situation what you do is say I feel so bad about you sleeping on the couch, both of you girls can just sleep in my bed and I’ll sleep on the floor.  This works like a charm because the girls will both feel bad, even though they really do want to sleep in a bed.  They will end up inviting you into bed with them and you should take them up on the offer, because as time goes on, sexual tension and curiosity will increase and they will both be tempted to mess around.  Start with some soft touching, cuddling, spooning and some kisses on the cheek – soon you will realize, both girls are taking off their shirts (along with yours) and well done my friend.  You just learned how to have a threesome with 2 hot college girls.

Review On “The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists” By Neil Strauss



“The Game – Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists By Neil Strauss” is one of the most popular books among pick up artists and anyone who is striving to get better at talking to women, meeting women, flirting with women, understanding what makes a woman attracted to a man, as well as many other flirting techniques such as openers that can help to start a conversation with a woman, and many other tactics that most guys would find useful in a the world of dating beautiful girls.  It is a New York Times Best Seller and has sold millions of copies because it is not only a fun book to read, but the content and stories within it prove to be extremely useful to guys that are trying to step up their game in the world of dating and picking up girls in public places.

The Game starts off as the author tells the story of his background when it comes to dating and flirting with girls.  He discusses how he has always had a lot of trouble flirting with women and being seen as a very attractive man and the book takes you through the journey of how he decides to do something about his love life by studying what it takes to be a real alpha male and attract the hottest girls.  He befriends some of the best pick up artist guru’s in Los Angeles as well as a handful of other friends that are striving to accomplish the same thing, being successful with women.  One of the most interesting and cunning characters is Mystery, who seems to know just about every trick in the book when it comes to getting a woman to sleep with you, attracting her and making her want you so bad that she finds you irresistible.

Throughout the book, Neil Strauss takes you through the experiences and adventures that he learned from.  The times when he was able to meet random girls and hook up with them with the help of Mystery and other pick up artist strategies.  The story elaborates on why certain flirting techniques work on women, and also elaborates on what you shouldn’t do when meeting a woman for the first time.  Throughout these stories and experiences, you realize that the author really put a lot of effort into not just understanding women on a sexual level, but also studying them to the point where flirting and dating is understood almost like a science.  Neil Strauss discusses theories, techniques, tactics and procedures that are used countless times to test their validity.  He makes countless approaches toward beautiful girls, and many by using the techniques that he learns from other Pick up artists, he ends up sleeping with most of the girls he meets.

Many of the techniques follow a basic protocol that Mystery taught to other pickup artists, FMAC – Find, meet, attract, and close.  Through this procedure Mystery reveals how you can follow these four simple steps in a very systematic manner and end up getting a girls number every time as long as you finish strong by attracting a woman in the right way and closing at the right time.  In one demonstration in the book, Mystery proves himself by approaching a male celebrity’s date at a club and stealing his girlfriend right from under the celebrities nose.  All of which is a true story, and it goes into great detail as to why it worked.

As the book continues to tell the story, the group of pick up artists continue to go on adventures with one goal in mind – meeting beautiful girls and trying new things all the time to test what works and what doesn’t, what attracts women and what women crave in a man.  Everything from dating single girls to dating girls that already have a boyfriend.  There are countless scenarios that are discussed in the book and it proves to be very resourceful for anyone that is trying to have a more satisfying sex life or love life.  Perhaps this is why the book became so popular in the first place.  Readers can simply use this book and implement the same strategies, openers, and concepts in daily life and find that the technique and strategies being used are actually very powerful because they work.

With that being said, the book is very entertaining, very useful and the psychology behind a lot of it is nothing short of intriguing.  Some of the techniques used are so well thought out that you  can use some of them almost in a manipulative way and actually predict how a girl is going to react to it, which gives the guy much more control when you think about having control over your social life.  Sometimes the pick up artists in the group end up making out with girls minutes after just meeting them, sometimes they end up getting booty calls late at night from the girl they met only hours ago, and sometimes they struggle to stay single and resist the urge to fall in love when they have a really strong connection with a girl or group of girls.  The book is literally fascinating and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is trying to step up their game and increase their chances of dating and meeting beautiful girls.

For more information or if you plan on reading this book for your own good, you can buy “The Game – Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists” On Amazon.

How To Talk To Hot Girls Without Being Nervous


One of the most common things we here about is how guys get nervous when they talk to hot girls.  This post should help you to get over the anxiety of talking to a hot girl, and give you perspective as to why you shouldn’t be intimidated.  You can also visit this site for more help on stopping approach anxiety and having confidence to talk to hot girls.

Many guys find it much easier to talk to a girl that they consider average, as opposed to talking to a girl that they find hot.  Much of this is due to the fact that guys hold girls they consider to be hot at a higher level of value, and as a result they are much more careful about screwing it up because they don’t want to mess up their opportunity to date her or start a relationship with her.  In respect to the girls that a guy considers to be super hot, he tends to focus more on looks rather than personality.  But with an average looking girl, guys are not totally consumed by the way she looks so they are better able to communicate based on her personality and the conversation itself.

When talking to hot girls, guys fear rejection and they don’t want to mess things up because they place more value on the girls that they really are attracted to and want to have sex with.  One thing that is true for everyone is when your sexually aroused by someone just by looking at them or just by thinking about them, your thoughts are not going through your head as clear as they would be if you were talking to an average looking girl.  This is because your brain is being bombarded with strong sexual emotions and things that make you nervous, make you think horny thoughts, and your thought process is just racing because your sex drive is creating a panic like response because you want everything to be perfect.  This is where approach anxiety comes from and that is one of the common reasons why guys get so nervous when talking to hot girls.

In order to get over the approach and social anxiety that comes with talking to a hot girl, its important to take note of a few things.  You need to understand that you are just as special as she is, you have value, and you need to convince yourself that you deserve whatever it is you think you deserve.  There is nothing about any girl that makes her better than you, its just that your emotions about her beauty are causing you to freeze up and block rational thoughts from going through your head.  Don’t focus on her too much, don’t put her on the pedestal.  Think of it this way, she is just another person just like you.  She may look beautiful on the outside but think about it as if thats only what you see now, she could have crooked teeth, stinky breath, a bad body odor, she might not have good hygiene, she might be the dorkiest girl you ever talk to.  She is just a normal person just like you, don’t think for one minute that she doesn’t have flaws too, she is only human like you and me.

The next thing you can do to overcome anxiety with talking to hot girls is to practice with approaching exercises.  Everyday, just go into public like a grocery store, shopping mall, college campus or wherever and approach random girls.  If you are really uncomfortable talking to the girls you consider to be really hot like 9 or 10 out 10, start off by talking to girls you consider to be average looking and just talk to them and say hi, strike up a conversation about anything, ask where they are from and build up rapport with them without any intention of ever asking for their number.  This makes it easier because there is no way you can get rejected if you don’t intend on asking for their number, when your done talking to them simply just say something like “well it was nice talking to you I have to go though”.  Once you are comfortable doing that several times or more, start asking for the girls number toward the end.  As you continue to do this and get better at it, you can continue to build confidence talking to women and as you get more confident, start talking to hot girls the same way and ask for their number.  If you do this enough, soon you will not fear rejection at all and you will just move on to the next girl with ease.  Remember this, no one is good at something right away no matter what it is, everything in life takes practice and talking to hot girls is no different.  Practice, practice, practice and soon you will be confident to talk to any girl and eventually you will meet a girl that you really care about and possibly even start a relationship with her.

When you are talking to girls, be yourself and be honest with yourself and your intentions.  Sure your talking to a girl, thats because your interested in her and your attracted to her – there is nothing to be ashamed of so don’t act like you have something to hide.  Treat a hot girl the same way you would treat any other girl, think about how you talk to your sister when you guys are just having a normal conversation.  Don’t act any different from how you usually would just because there is a hot girl around you, usually girls can pick up on this.  Be honest with yourself and be honest with her, she will respect you for it. Check out other ebooks like this one, there are lots of other exercises that will help you get better at talking to a girl you like.

Don’t stare at her or her body, in fact imagine that she doesn’t even have a nice body.  This is important, there are so many guys out there that just check out a girl up and down and girls know when you are doing this because it happens to them so often, and they hate it because it makes them feel like meat and it makes them feel insecure.  Make eye contact and smile, look her in the eyes and ignore her body and you will find that your “hot girl anxiety” will drastically go away.  Follow these guidelines, practice and treat her like you would treat any other girl, in fact treat her the way you would want a guy to treat your sister and you will have a good understanding of what it takes to get a hot girls number and make her appreciate the time she spends with you.

Using The Best Pick Up Lines For Flirting With Girls


Usually when a guy wants to talk to a girl for the first time, he will either try talking to her by starting a normal conversation or by using some type of pick up line to start a conversation with a girl.  Now there are a lot of corny pick up lines out there, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  If you can find a relevant way to start talking to a girl and approach her with good reason, you will find that a good pick up line can be a great conversation starter that will get you in the door to start talking to her and maybe even meeting the girl of your dreams.  Here are some things to keep in mind when you are using a pick up line or a conversation starter “opener”.

Take note of your environment, maybe its something you notice about her that is worth mentioning – hopefully its a complement that makes her feel special.  This could be the dress she is wearing, her earrings, her eyes, her hair, her shoes, pretty much anything that you find attractive about her.  If she looks like she is rushed or stressed out, maybe you could start by talking to her and putting her at ease.  For example, ask her what she does for a living or if she is a college girl ask her what she is studying (if you see her reading a book or writing in a notebook).

Sometimes it can work out perfectly if you just approach the girl and ask her how she is doing, this works especially well if you are in a bar or in a restaurant and you have the opportunity to sit next to her and start talking to her.

In other situations, lets say your walking around an outdoor shopping mall and you see a girl shopping or just walking around the street window shopping.  In this situation, you can choose to do whatever you want, but I once had great success going into a clothing store where I saw this pretty college girl working there, she was folding clothes and I went into the store to look around.  After looking around for awhile I went up to her and I asked her where the nearest Starbucks coffee shop was.  I was fairly new in town and so I was acting like I didn’t know where a lot of places were, but I knew that there was a starbucks 2 blocks up the street.  I told her I was new in town and I just transferred to a new university, and I asked her where she was from.  She responded by saying she wasn’t from the area but she moved there 2 years ago for school too, and then she said she was from Bakersfield California.  From there I told her where I was from and thanked her for directions, but before I left we had a little more of a short conversation and then I asked if I could have her number saying “I don’t know too many people in town yet, do you think I could call you sometime”.   She smiled and said yea sure, gave me her number and told me she gets a break in a half hour if I wanted to wait till then to meet her at Starbucks.  I smiled and said yea that sounds great, from there we met at Starbucks a half hour later and learned more about each other, and I setup a time where we could hang out.

All this happened simply by approaching a girl, getting to know her and asking for directions. It worked like a charm, and we ended up hanging out consistently for over a year while we were going to school.  Not just as friends, but friends with benefits – there were quite a few occasions where she stayed at my place after going out together.

So thats one story, here are some other pick up lines and pick up routines that can work great with women.  This one worked at a college party, and I acted very nonchalant about being interested in her although I did show interest.  I went in and talked to her, introduced myself, and said she was beautiful, then after talking for about a minute I looked at my phone and said hey my friends are meeting me up the street I have to go but “can I give you my number and you can call me later if you want, maybe we can meet up later tonight”.  She said okay, so I took her phone and put my number in her phone, shortly after that I left hastily to go meet my friends as if we were going to go do something even more fun.  Sure enough, she called me about an hour and a half later and invited me over to her house.  All her roommates were gone, so we had the house to ourself.  Long story short, we started kissing on the couch and that only led to us going to her bedroom and having sex.  She was from Australia and was glad I approached her because she said she didn’t know very many people in the area.  This just goes to show, you never know how grateful a woman will be if you approach her and flirt with her, most women find it flattering and if you play your cards right.  This kind of pick up routine can get you laid.

There are lots of different environments that you can use to meet hot girls, approach them, use a pick up line or a pick up routine, or simply just go talk to a girl and see where it goes.  It could be a restaurant, bar, library, bookstore, sunglass hut, the beach, shopping mall, you name it.  There are so many routines, too many to mention, but the best advice I can give you is to find one that works well with your style and what your comfortable with.  Check out this link for more pick up lines and pick up routines for meeting hot girls.

Romantic Story: Asking The Waitress Out On A Date

This is a story about how I recently asked a really hot waitress out on a date, even though she had already told me that she kinda had a boyfriend.  I wanted to do something different to stand out from other guys, something that would make her remember me and something that was one of those things that seems a little extreme.  But I just kinda said “screw it, lets see what happens”, at least it will make her feel good right?  At this restaurant and bar, I usually go there almost every week because I work close by.  So I knew the waitress and made small talk with her before, but I wasn’t able to get her number because she said she had a boyfriend.  So I stepped it up a notch, just to see where it got me.  There are lots of other stories and examples like this that you can learn from in which guys were able to do something romantic enough to get the number of a hot waitress, feel free to check out the link for more ideas.

So I was shopping around the area and had bought some sunglasses and some clothes.  After shopping I stopped by the restaurant where she worked and got some food, I picked the area of tables where she was serving so she could be my waitress.  When she came up to me to take my order I made small talk with her and asked how her day was going and what her plans were for the weekend and then I ordered my drink.  She put the order in and was serving other tables, but I knew she would come back for my food order.  Like I said I had just bought sunglasses so I had a little Sunglass hut bag with me that they came with, I’ll tell you why thats important later on in this story.  So anyway, I continued to make small talk with her as she took my food order and while I was eating she would stop by and ask how the food was and we talked a little more.  I was talking to her about any upcoming plans she might have, I told her my friend was throwing a party this weekend and I invited her.  I asked if she was still dating that guy that she said was kind of her boyfriend, she said yea kinda.

So toward the end of all this talk and eating etc.  I asked for the check and told her I had to get going, she got my check and I gave her my card so she could scan it and bring it back.  When she brought my card back I signed the receipt like normal and put my sunglass hut bag on the table on top of the signed receipt.  Before I went to go get some food I stopped by a flower shop and picked out a few roses and had them cut very short so they would fit into the sunglass hut bag.  Inside the sunglass hut bag was the roses I got for her, they were red, and then I left a little note for her inside of the bag saying “If I could have one wish it would be to see you again and spend some time with you before this rose starts to wilt away”, then I left my phone number for her.  I purposefully left the bag so that she would think I left it on the table on accident, and then other customers wouldn’t notice what was actually in it haha.  I didn’t want to embarrass her at work you know.  So then I got up waved goodbye to her and left the restaurant.  Shortly after, she went to go get the check and noticed I left the sunglass hut bag and initially she thought I forgot my sunglasses.  Thats when she was incredibly surprised and blown away by the thoughtfulness of everything.

She called me for the first time after that saying thank you and told me how surprised and flattered she was when she opened the bag.  She told me no one has ever done anything like that for her in her life and she had never been so surprised.  So she thanked me and I said no problem and we talked on the phone for a little longer, and again I asked if she would be willing to go out on a date with me sometime.  She finally agreed and said yea, I guess you’ve earned it.

So I guess the thoughtfulness worked after all, I got the girls number, I went out on a first date with her and we really bonded after that.  If I hadn’t done something like that, I probably never would have had a chance with her.  I mean this girl was almost untouchable, extremely beautiful, gets whatever she wants type of girl and somehow I made it work.  This is probably the most gutsy thing I’ve ever done when it comes to hitting on a girl, but it worked.  Feel free to share some of your stories in the comments area and let me know what you did, I’d like to hear some other stories from other people about times when they did something drastic to get the number of a girl that they really liked.

Asking A Girl For Her Number With Good Body Language

One of the most important things to focus on when asking a girl for her number is body language.  Usually when your meeting a girl for the first time or even if you already met her and you are planning on asking her if you can get her number and call her sometime, its only natural for you to feel a little nervous.  In this post we are going to address that nervousness and anxiety you get when you are approaching a girl, and I promise you body language is one of the most important things when you are approaching a girl.  Body language is half of the communication and if your body language is saying the wrong thing, she will naturally feel the exact same feeling that your feeling.  So if you feel nervous or awkward, she is going to feel the same way.  This phenomenon is known in psychology as “facial mirror theory” or mirroring, it basically means that humans are naturally programmed to mimic the same gesture that they see from the person they are talking to.  Think about when you are walking down the sidewalk coming toward someone and you just smile at them, can you guess what is most likely to happen?  Thats right, they usually smile back.  Keep that in mind when you are approaching a girl and you plan on asking for her number.  So now that we’ve gotten into “mirroring”, lets talk about body language when flirting with a girl.


When you are going to ask a girl for her number, don’t act awkward, shy, or ashamed in any way about asking for her number.  If you do it could show that you may have some underlying or hidden intentions and that just can come off as creepy.  Think to yourself, you are a man and so you like women, and you deserve to have any woman you want because you’re a  good guy right?

When approaching her your body language should be standing tall, smiling, acting as if your having a great day and your about to go do something fun or you just finished doing something fun.  Your body language should shout that you are confident, and confidence is mostly displayed by a kind smile, good posture, and speaking with assertiveness.  Approach her, and if you don’t know her simply just go up to her and say hey how are you or how are you doing?  Tell her that you noticed her etc and ask for her name, tell her your name.  You could say something like “hey I noticed you earlier and I thought to myself If I didn’t come talk to you I was gonna hate myself later for it” haha etc.  Maybe make some small talk, like are you from here or whatever and then just get to the point as soon as possible.  “So I think your really beautiful and I was wondering if I could get your number and call you sometime”.  Let her respond, if she doesn’t say yes you may need to pry around a little bit with some discussion – open her up a little bit by establishing rapport with her and relate with her in some way.  If it seems like she’s hesitant to give it to you ask her if she has a boyfriend.  Now you may think if she says yes I have a boyfriend then its over, but thats not always true.  If she says she has a boyfriend simply ask say “oh well I kinda figured you would (smile), and then ask her if its a serious relationship”.  If she says kinda or I don’t know or anything like that then be persistent and say well does that mean I can’t talk to you sometime?  If she ends up saying no I can’t talk to you on the phone then say, “okay well I understand but I still wanted to ask, well I’ll tell you what – how about I just leave you my phone number and you can call me sometime if you want to (smile).  Now she probably will just say yes because your being so persistent, but that doesn’t mean she will call.

The thing about asking a girl out on a date or asking for her number is to not fear being rejected, even if you are rejected you showed a lot of courage and confidence asking for her number and even if she doesn’t give it to you its nothing to be ashamed of.  Even if you get rejected she definitely will respect you for being so honest and confident.  But always remember, when talking to a girl you need to have the energy of someone that is having a good time, that is always doing something fun, be enthusiastic, be friendly, make eye contact, stand up straight and face her.  Worst comes to worst just end the approach and say okay well I tried, but it was nice meeting you “Heather” or whatever her name is.

If you went through this routine to the end and got rejected, good job.  Your confidence will continue to be boosted as you do this more and more and believe me it will only get easier.  One of the best ways to build confidence is to just approach as many girls as you can and ask for their number, even if you could care less whether you get it or not.  For more detailed tips on approaching women and asking for a girls number I highly recommend you check out The Art of Approaching Ebook – it has a section in it that deals with tons of different ways to approach girls including these different files that come with the Ebook.

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You can use those PDF files and the other files in the Ebook course over and over and have great success, the ebook is hundreds of pages and it comes with dozens of other files that are very specific to common questions that guys have when trying to flirt with a girl and get her phone number.  Some of those other PDF’s are

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How To Know If A Girl Is Flirting With You

There are a lot of signs out there that let you know whether or not a girl is trying to flirt with you, attract you or get your attention.

How To Make A Girl Interested In You

Getting a girl to be interested in you can sometimes seem like an exhausting effort, but there are certain things you can do to make yourself more appealing than the average person.  The trick is to do things that stand out from the crowd, don’t be the norm, many times its best not to be the person to blend in.  Be the person with substance, the person with ambition and confidence.  One of the best things you can do to demonstrate confidence is to hold a pleasant smile and a alpha-male posture, when you present yourself in such a way it shows that you are comfortable with yourself and your environment wherever you may be.

Peacocking To Stand Out From The Crowd

The term of standing out from other people can be known as “peacocking”, an example of peacocking would be when a guy wheres something out of the ordinary to stand out in the room.  It could be an orange hat that stands out in the room, a ring that you are wearing that would catch someones attention, or something rather uncommon that your wearing around your neck or your wrist.  When people are peacocking like this, sometimes they will use those items as a conversation piece – something that will be brought up into the conversation at some point when you first meet a girl in a bar or something.  These conversation items would be something that make it easier to talk to a girl when you first meet them, and depending on what it is it could spark some curiosity when starting a conversation.  It can work especially well when you actually have a good and interesting story behind whatever your wearing, for example lets say you got the necklace from your trip to the virgin islands or las vegas and you can tell her how or why you decided to get it.  So that sums up peacocking, but there are other things you can do to spark interest when you are trying to establish rapport with a girl.

Learn About Her When Establishing Rapport and Relate With Her Interests

When you are flirting with a girl and showing interest, once you have a good idea about the kind of person she is and what kind of things she might like to do for fun its a good idea to ask some question about her, like career-wise, interests, where she is from, it could be anything.  When she answers your question try to relate with her and find some common ground between you and whatever it is that relates to her, for example if you ask where she is from and she says she is from Florida you could respond with a smile and say something like “Oh Florida thats awesome I went on a vacation there 2 years ago with my best friend, what part of Florida are you from?”  Of course, you would only say something like that if you actually know what your talking about because she will ask you where you went and Florida and what you did, but you get the point.