How To Meet Hot Girls In College


This post is all about ways that you can meet hot girls In College or on college campuses.  As we all know, colleges and universities are some of the best places to meet girls that are also looking to meet guys to hook up with or date.  Many people in college are at that age where there hormones are raging, college students are at an age where there sex drive is at its peak – and thats why college is one of those places where your hear about “one night stands”, random hookups, and other instances like when 2 people end up making out even though they just met an hour ago.  College is a great place to meet people, but you have to put yourself in a position that is ideal for you to meet hot girls.  This means being open to new experiences, being adventurous, going outside your comfort level to meet new people, and staying active with social events and sporting events.  Here are some good ideas that you can consider using to meet hot girls at a college campus.  You can also check out this site for more advice on how to meet hot college girls, get a girls phone number and encourage sexual encounters.

The library – The campus library is a great place to meet girls, if you think about it everyone spends time at the library.  So when your doing some studying or walking by the library, stop by for a bit or walk around and see if you find any girls that you’d like to approach.  The best time to approach a girl in the library is when she is either leaving or just arriving, because of course it can be hard to have a good approach when she is in the middle of studying.  But even if the hot girl is studying, it doesn’t mean you can’t study at a table or desk next to her and if she looks your way just smile until you get time to approach.  If she smiles back at you, she is open to you approaching her.

Campus Starbucks or coffee shop – Everyone needs their coffee fix in the morning, if you’ve ever been to a starbucks or coffee shop on a college campus, you probably know that they are always busy and there are always a ton of girls getting their latte’s and other sweet coffee drinks that girls love.  If your waiting in line and there is a girl in front of you that you want to talk to, just talk to her.  If you have trouble thinking of something to say, wait until she orders and say something like “oh I’ve never tried that caramel macchiato, is it really sweet”?  You will also find that girls study at starbucks too, if there are tables around the area.  The trick is to make observations about the girl, like what she is studying, or what she ordered or what she is wearing and then find something to talk about based on that and then make it obvious that you are interested in her and ask her if she is single, if she has a boyfriend, if you could have a number or whatever it is that your intention is.

The Campus Gym – Okay this is my favorite spot to pick up girls, and I’ve had a lot of success with it especially when I was working out a lot and my muscles were a lot bigger.  Not all girls like to be approached in the gym while working out, but one of the best times to approach a girl at the gym is when she is leaving or when she is walking on her way to the gym.  A lot of people where headphones in the gym, so that can make it difficult.  But that doesn’t mean you  can’t make a good impression on her while working out, it might be a good idea to workout on a machine next to her and when you make eye contact just smile at her.  If you are working out next to her or even far away, don’t stare.  Staring will only create obstacles for you when you do decide to approach her and ask for her number.

In Class – Meeting girls in class is one of the easiest places to meet because you can easily interact with a hot girl under the radar.  For example, when you first walk into a class on the first day or first week of class, take a quick glimpse around the room to find the hottest girls in the room and sit next to one of them.  Chances are you might work on a group exercise together, or you will at least have to talk to each other when your in class.  I love doing this because one of the first things I do when I am sitting next to a hot girl in my class is ask her if she has an extra pen after class has started.  This gives me the chance to ask her name and tell her mine, I borrow a pen and it also gives me the chance to thank her after class and talk to her some more when class is over.

Sporting Events – Go to sporting events, meet girls when they are having the most fun and when you are doing something fun too.  Chances are they will want to join in on the fun too, and guess what there is like a 99% chance that she is with her other friends too.  This is a great way to meet a large group of girls, maybe go tailgating before a football game or basketball game and then have a good time, and as you get to know each other get her number or start working game on her to show that you are interested.  If she is smiling a lot or seems like she is being very conscious about the way she looks, then that is an indicator of interest.  Another great indicator of interest is when a girl makes good eye contact with you or when she is playing with her hair in front of you.

Dorm Activities – If you live in a dorm or a friend of yours does, thats great.  There are a lot of pizza parties, group activities and other food related activities that are always happening around the dorms.  This is a great opportunity to meet someone that lives close to you, and with that being said you already have something in common.  It’s also a great place to go outside of your social bubble and meet new people.

Just Walking around campus – Walking around a campus, skateboarding, or riding a bike around campus is a great way to really get around and get a large glimpse of just how many people are walking around at any time.  Wonder around campus, look well dressed and groomed and if you see a beautiful girl don’t be afraid to talk to her.  When I lived in California I did this all the time, sometimes I would even pretend I didn’t know where a building was and I would ask them “excuse me I just moved here, do you know where the biology building is”, you get the point, and if you know what your doing you’ll ask about a building that most people know about.  Sometimes they will even be willing to walk you there if you introduce yourself the right way and get their name too.  Once your off to that start, start a conversation and make small talk.  On another occasion, I did this and it was August 25th, my birthday.  The girl asked me what I was doing for the Friday night and I said its my birthday so I’m throwing a party, to my amazement, we had the same birthday and it was her birthday too – you can only imagine how perfectly that worked out.  She brought 3 of her other friends too so my friends were really happy about that too.  Needless to say, we both had a great birthday later that night.  After seeing how well that worked, I sometimes would tell girls that its my friends birthday tonight and we are throwing a party for him, and I would invite them to come.  This works like a charm as long as you can get the other guys with you to play along as if it really was their birthday.

On one occasion, the girl that I met that had the same birthday as me came over with her friend another time and I hooked up with both of them on the same night.  The one I met first got jealous though so I let her sleep in my bed and had the other girl sleep on the couch, even though we just hooked up.  After telling a more experienced friend about this, I realized I did something wrong – I could have had a threesome.  He told me in that situation what you do is say I feel so bad about you sleeping on the couch, both of you girls can just sleep in my bed and I’ll sleep on the floor.  This works like a charm because the girls will both feel bad, even though they really do want to sleep in a bed.  They will end up inviting you into bed with them and you should take them up on the offer, because as time goes on, sexual tension and curiosity will increase and they will both be tempted to mess around.  Start with some soft touching, cuddling, spooning and some kisses on the cheek – soon you will realize, both girls are taking off their shirts (along with yours) and well done my friend.  You just learned how to have a threesome with 2 hot college girls.

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