Review On “The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists” By Neil Strauss



“The Game – Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists By Neil Strauss” is one of the most popular books among pick up artists and anyone who is striving to get better at talking to women, meeting women, flirting with women, understanding what makes a woman attracted to a man, as well as many other flirting techniques such as openers that can help to start a conversation with a woman, and many other tactics that most guys would find useful in a the world of dating beautiful girls.  It is a New York Times Best Seller and has sold millions of copies because it is not only a fun book to read, but the content and stories within it prove to be extremely useful to guys that are trying to step up their game in the world of dating and picking up girls in public places.

The Game starts off as the author tells the story of his background when it comes to dating and flirting with girls.  He discusses how he has always had a lot of trouble flirting with women and being seen as a very attractive man and the book takes you through the journey of how he decides to do something about his love life by studying what it takes to be a real alpha male and attract the hottest girls.  He befriends some of the best pick up artist guru’s in Los Angeles as well as a handful of other friends that are striving to accomplish the same thing, being successful with women.  One of the most interesting and cunning characters is Mystery, who seems to know just about every trick in the book when it comes to getting a woman to sleep with you, attracting her and making her want you so bad that she finds you irresistible.

Throughout the book, Neil Strauss takes you through the experiences and adventures that he learned from.  The times when he was able to meet random girls and hook up with them with the help of Mystery and other pick up artist strategies.  The story elaborates on why certain flirting techniques work on women, and also elaborates on what you shouldn’t do when meeting a woman for the first time.  Throughout these stories and experiences, you realize that the author really put a lot of effort into not just understanding women on a sexual level, but also studying them to the point where flirting and dating is understood almost like a science.  Neil Strauss discusses theories, techniques, tactics and procedures that are used countless times to test their validity.  He makes countless approaches toward beautiful girls, and many by using the techniques that he learns from other Pick up artists, he ends up sleeping with most of the girls he meets.

Many of the techniques follow a basic protocol that Mystery taught to other pickup artists, FMAC – Find, meet, attract, and close.  Through this procedure Mystery reveals how you can follow these four simple steps in a very systematic manner and end up getting a girls number every time as long as you finish strong by attracting a woman in the right way and closing at the right time.  In one demonstration in the book, Mystery proves himself by approaching a male celebrity’s date at a club and stealing his girlfriend right from under the celebrities nose.  All of which is a true story, and it goes into great detail as to why it worked.

As the book continues to tell the story, the group of pick up artists continue to go on adventures with one goal in mind – meeting beautiful girls and trying new things all the time to test what works and what doesn’t, what attracts women and what women crave in a man.  Everything from dating single girls to dating girls that already have a boyfriend.  There are countless scenarios that are discussed in the book and it proves to be very resourceful for anyone that is trying to have a more satisfying sex life or love life.  Perhaps this is why the book became so popular in the first place.  Readers can simply use this book and implement the same strategies, openers, and concepts in daily life and find that the technique and strategies being used are actually very powerful because they work.

With that being said, the book is very entertaining, very useful and the psychology behind a lot of it is nothing short of intriguing.  Some of the techniques used are so well thought out that you  can use some of them almost in a manipulative way and actually predict how a girl is going to react to it, which gives the guy much more control when you think about having control over your social life.  Sometimes the pick up artists in the group end up making out with girls minutes after just meeting them, sometimes they end up getting booty calls late at night from the girl they met only hours ago, and sometimes they struggle to stay single and resist the urge to fall in love when they have a really strong connection with a girl or group of girls.  The book is literally fascinating and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is trying to step up their game and increase their chances of dating and meeting beautiful girls.

For more information or if you plan on reading this book for your own good, you can buy “The Game – Penetrating The Secret Society of Pickup Artists” On Amazon.

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