How To Talk To Hot Girls Without Being Nervous


One of the most common things we here about is how guys get nervous when they talk to hot girls.  This post should help you to get over the anxiety of talking to a hot girl, and give you perspective as to why you shouldn’t be intimidated.  You can also visit this site for more help on stopping approach anxiety and having confidence to talk to hot girls.

Many guys find it much easier to talk to a girl that they consider average, as opposed to talking to a girl that they find hot.  Much of this is due to the fact that guys hold girls they consider to be hot at a higher level of value, and as a result they are much more careful about screwing it up because they don’t want to mess up their opportunity to date her or start a relationship with her.  In respect to the girls that a guy considers to be super hot, he tends to focus more on looks rather than personality.  But with an average looking girl, guys are not totally consumed by the way she looks so they are better able to communicate based on her personality and the conversation itself.

When talking to hot girls, guys fear rejection and they don’t want to mess things up because they place more value on the girls that they really are attracted to and want to have sex with.  One thing that is true for everyone is when your sexually aroused by someone just by looking at them or just by thinking about them, your thoughts are not going through your head as clear as they would be if you were talking to an average looking girl.  This is because your brain is being bombarded with strong sexual emotions and things that make you nervous, make you think horny thoughts, and your thought process is just racing because your sex drive is creating a panic like response because you want everything to be perfect.  This is where approach anxiety comes from and that is one of the common reasons why guys get so nervous when talking to hot girls.

In order to get over the approach and social anxiety that comes with talking to a hot girl, its important to take note of a few things.  You need to understand that you are just as special as she is, you have value, and you need to convince yourself that you deserve whatever it is you think you deserve.  There is nothing about any girl that makes her better than you, its just that your emotions about her beauty are causing you to freeze up and block rational thoughts from going through your head.  Don’t focus on her too much, don’t put her on the pedestal.  Think of it this way, she is just another person just like you.  She may look beautiful on the outside but think about it as if thats only what you see now, she could have crooked teeth, stinky breath, a bad body odor, she might not have good hygiene, she might be the dorkiest girl you ever talk to.  She is just a normal person just like you, don’t think for one minute that she doesn’t have flaws too, she is only human like you and me.

The next thing you can do to overcome anxiety with talking to hot girls is to practice with approaching exercises.  Everyday, just go into public like a grocery store, shopping mall, college campus or wherever and approach random girls.  If you are really uncomfortable talking to the girls you consider to be really hot like 9 or 10 out 10, start off by talking to girls you consider to be average looking and just talk to them and say hi, strike up a conversation about anything, ask where they are from and build up rapport with them without any intention of ever asking for their number.  This makes it easier because there is no way you can get rejected if you don’t intend on asking for their number, when your done talking to them simply just say something like “well it was nice talking to you I have to go though”.  Once you are comfortable doing that several times or more, start asking for the girls number toward the end.  As you continue to do this and get better at it, you can continue to build confidence talking to women and as you get more confident, start talking to hot girls the same way and ask for their number.  If you do this enough, soon you will not fear rejection at all and you will just move on to the next girl with ease.  Remember this, no one is good at something right away no matter what it is, everything in life takes practice and talking to hot girls is no different.  Practice, practice, practice and soon you will be confident to talk to any girl and eventually you will meet a girl that you really care about and possibly even start a relationship with her.

When you are talking to girls, be yourself and be honest with yourself and your intentions.  Sure your talking to a girl, thats because your interested in her and your attracted to her – there is nothing to be ashamed of so don’t act like you have something to hide.  Treat a hot girl the same way you would treat any other girl, think about how you talk to your sister when you guys are just having a normal conversation.  Don’t act any different from how you usually would just because there is a hot girl around you, usually girls can pick up on this.  Be honest with yourself and be honest with her, she will respect you for it. Check out other ebooks like this one, there are lots of other exercises that will help you get better at talking to a girl you like.

Don’t stare at her or her body, in fact imagine that she doesn’t even have a nice body.  This is important, there are so many guys out there that just check out a girl up and down and girls know when you are doing this because it happens to them so often, and they hate it because it makes them feel like meat and it makes them feel insecure.  Make eye contact and smile, look her in the eyes and ignore her body and you will find that your “hot girl anxiety” will drastically go away.  Follow these guidelines, practice and treat her like you would treat any other girl, in fact treat her the way you would want a guy to treat your sister and you will have a good understanding of what it takes to get a hot girls number and make her appreciate the time she spends with you.

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