Using Tinder To Get a Date or Hook Up With Girls

Tinder is one of those new free dating apps that is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages.  I am in my early twenties and I can definitely say that it can be a lot of fun and it definitely keeps me busy.  I’ve even gotten quite a few girls from the app as well which actually surprised me when I first started using it.

If you aren’t familiar with Tinder, all you need to know is that it is a free app that you can download to your phone and you create a profile that shows your pictures and a basic bio that tells people a little bit about yourself.  You are able to use the setting to say what age group you are interested in, and also you are able to use those settings to say whether you are interested in men or women and based on those settings you will be able to find the people you are looking for.  Once you finish that part, all you have to do is go through peoples pictures and profiles that show up on the app and swipe left if you don’t want to talk to them and swipe right if you do want to talk to them.  If you both end up swiping right or liking each other, you have a match on Tinder, and its time to flirt with girls on Tinder! That means the next thing you need to do is send a message to the person and say hi.

Here are some Tinder Strategies that will help you get girls on Tinder and get dates or hook ups on Tinder.

  • Stay Consistent – This is one of the most important things that you can do to increase your chances of meeting up with girls on Tinder.  Its important to stay consistent and when you get a match with a girl you like, message her when you get the match because you know she is more likely to answer since she just recently matched with you.  She is most likely still next to her phone, so message her right away and say hi, and ask how she is doing or say something interesting that catches her attention.  This is how the conversation starts.
  • Build Rapport With The Girl – This is the difference between getting the girls number and hooking up with her, and not getting her number at all and never meeting up with her in person.  It’s important to build rapport with the girl that your talking to, learn about her, be a good listener, be consistent with conversation, and tell her some interesting things about yourself.  Once you do this, its time to move to the most exciting part, getting her phone number.
  • Getting Phone Numbers of Girls You Talk To On Tinder – Once you build rapport with the girl your talking to on Tinder, its time to ask her for her phone number.  You could do this in a bunch of different ways if she hasn’t already asked you for your phone number or simply gives you her phone number, you can ask for it straight out, or hint that you would like her number.  One of my personal favorites that works for me is telling the girl that “I don’t get on the app that often so I’m bad at answering messages on Tinder, but I would be a much better texted if we could just text message”.  Once you say that and she gives you her number, you have opened up a whole new door of conversation opportunity.
  • Continue Texting to Build Rapport – Continue texting to build rapport, and if things are going smoothly you might get a hint or a vibe from her that she wants to talk on the phone with you.  This is especially obvious if she is constantly texting you back and texting you to see what your doing even if your not texting her.  If this is the case, your doing a great job!
  • Build Sexual Tension – If conversation is going smoothly, you can build sexual tension by asking for pictures and sending pictures of yourself.  If you are doing this or start to send pictures to each other, its definitely a sign that you can talk on the phone if you aren’t doing it already.
  • Setup A Time and Place To Meet In Person – Tell the girl your talking to that you would like to meet her in person.  This can sometimes be challenging, especially if you are shy or if she is shy or hesitant, but be persistent and remember persistence beats resistance.  This has also worked for me on many occasions, just make sure you have a plan in place, tell her where and when your available and see if she is open to it.  If she does not want to go to your place the first time you meet, ask what would be okay with her.  If you manage to get her to your place, have a plan of some sort so that you have something to do, and set it up in a way that eventually you go to your room.  For me, I just have a movie ready to play when she gets to my house and usually movies are way too long when sexual tension is so strong.  So what happens, we end up kissing each other and getting playful and if all goes well, it eventually leads to sex.