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How To Attract Younger Women

This is a common question a lot of guys tend to ask, How do you attract younger women in your life?

The truth is that being older than the girl your attracted to is not really a  downside at all, and most girls don’t really care if your older than them.  The trick to attracting women is having the qualities that they are looking for, some of these qualities are how you present and carry yourself, your personality, your experience in life and your experience in bed, maturity and overall self awareness of knowing who you are as a person.  If you can convey these characteristics in an alpha male type of manner, you have a huge advantage over any younger guy out there.

There are a lot of guys out there that see age as a downfall or flaw, and trust me I used to be one of those guys.  But after experiencing what its like to be a few years older or 5 years older than the girl your interested in, I was surprised to see that it actually was something that worked to my advantage.  Women want a guy that they can confide in, someone they can talk to, someone that they can trust and someone that is mature.   Not just some young 19 year old college guy that takes them to a bunch of parties.  If you want a relationship with a  girl you like, you need to understand that a relationship goes much deeper than just taking girls to parties and having a good time.  They want a guy that they can feel comfortable with and have fun with even if your doing nothing at all, like for example hanging out together making dinner and watching Netflix.

Another thing that is worth taking not of is how a guy deals with responsibilities.  This can be a huge turn on for girls if they see you as a person that has their priorities straight.  In addition to being well put together in terms of responsibilities and composure, it would benefit you quite a bit if you focus on your strengths, and your passions in life.  Think of musicians, women and men look up to musicians when they hear them play a song, even if they don’t know their personality.  It’s because they possess a talent and it fascinates the human mind to see talent and passion work together to create something great.  Think about being at a concert or just listening to a song, what is the feeling you get when you hear that artist sing your favorite lyric or play your favorite part of a song on a guitar or a piano.  If your like me and many other people, you get a rush of endorphins and adrenaline and it inspires you.  Establishing a relationship is not much different.  When you can focus on your strong points and your passions and embrace them, women will see that as a a strength and it can really do wonders when it comes to attracting women that are younger than you.  The saying “just be yourself” carries a lot of merit and girls have a really sharp radar for someone that is pretending to be someone that they aren’t.

For other tips and dating advice that relates to what creates attraction between you and younger girls, I would suggest getting the ebook The Art Of Approaching Guide For Attracting Women, which also comes with some MP3 files that come with additional advice.